Incorrect definition of table mysql.proc

Restoring all databases from MariaDB 10 to Percona Xtradb Cluster, I saw an error on mysql.log on one of db nodes as below

[ERROR] Incorrect definition of table mysql.proc: expected column ‘definer’ at position 11 to have type char(77), found type char(141).


Do I simply change char(77) to char(141) on one of the node or there’s a few extra steps?

Hi umarzuki,
It seems like MariaDB’s system tables are not compatible with Percona XtraDB Cluster. I would advise instead to reload your dump of all the data from mysqldump, but do not include the mysql database.

How do I do that?

Delete mysql db then restore from mysql db backup from another percona server?

You can either create a new dump taken from the MariaDB 10 cluster node excluding the ‘mysql’ database. Use either of the following workaround:


Using your existing mysqldump file (if you have the latest one), use an open source tool - mysqldumpsplitter, to ‘split’ the dump file and only extract the databases you need to reload to the new cluster.

You could try to do an ALTER TABLE on mysql.proc and see if that works.