Including some extra data in Audit record

Hi, I am looking into how the Audit plugin works. The thing I need is to include some connection variables in an audit record.

Use case:

  • User attempts to login into my web app
  • When a connection is established, if a user was authenticated, I execute the SET APP_USER = ''
  • I want to be able to audit all CRUD operations the user can do
  • Naturally, my web app uses single DB user web, but I need that APP_USER variable inside my audit log

Does this make sense?


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Hi Jovan,

Why do you need to set “APP_USER = X”? Is it because the app connects to the DB with a generic user and you need to differentiate each user?

Currently audit log does log every CRUD (and every other operation) and prints user@host that executed it, but no way of printing any extra details or status variables other than what it currently prints.

I suggest you open a feature request on our JIRA and explain your use case and how the procedure would work and the development team will evaluate adding the feature in the future


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Hey Carlos,

Yes, that is the exact goal I wanted to achieve - use one generic DB user but keep a record of actions every application user executed.

Thanks, I am going to open a feature request and hope for the best :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:

Best regards,

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