I want to install Percona 8.0 on the same server where I have an existing 5.7 server

Are there any instructions on how to install 8.0 alongside 5.7?

I’m on linux centos CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009

We installed 5.7 using yum. We also have rockdb, toolkit, and xtrabackup running.

Is it feasible to install in the same server or just get a second server? Thanks.

Hi @ipcmlr

It is not possible to install 5.7 and 8.0 together on the same server.

So you could have only 1 version.

It is not possible with yum.

However you can install Percona Server 8.0 into different directory using tar.gz packages.

Also running another instance from Docker is a convenient option to run multiple servers

@vadimtk thanks. is there a guide on installing 2 different percona versions?

Also, will I have to uninstall the existing 5.7 I installed using yum? Or is there a way for me to use the existing 5.7 and untar an 8.0 version in a different directory? Thanks.

I do not think we have a guide, this is really an unconventional way.

You do not need to uninstall 5.7 with yum. You can just unpack 8.0 into any directory you want.

I still would very much recommend to consider Docker. it provides a good way for resource isolation and will cause less issues.

@vadimtk thanks. We have several app databases residing in one 5.7 instance and one of those apps may need to move to 8.0 and the rest are cots that do not yet support 8.0. Just looking for a way to do the minimum change. I may just request another server for the 8.0 installation. Thanks.

As @vadimtk said conventional way is one MySQL Server per VM (or Physical host), Docker is a good way to run multiple instances (or even secondary instance). For testing purposes you can also use dbdeployer tool