Huge Memory Consumption

Hi there,

i have a MySQL Server (5.0.91-64) running on SPARC Solaris 10; the Machine is a T 5220 with 32 Gigs of RAM. It is behaving quite well, but…

The application using the DB is a CMS which connects to the DB via the MySQL C-API (which is also version 5.0.91).

During a restore operation, while importimg a 300 MB blob file, the server starts consuming more and more memory and swap, and finally the application crashes.

I experimented a lot with my.cnf values (see attached file), but the behaviour did not change.

Usage of InnoDB is compulsory for the application.

Same application, same MySQL Server version and same restore is working perfectly well under Linux (SLES 11) without high memory consumption.

Any ideas or advices?


If you really have everything identical except for the OS, then you have almost certainly hit a bug. You’ll need to use tools such as gdb, pmap, strace… to debug this. Or you can file a bug and wait, or hire someone such as Percona to help you diagnose and fix it.