[howto] percona settings: Install or install mysql

Hello. please help me. I need a tutorial [HOWTO] PERCONA SETTINGS: INSTALL OR INSTALL MYSQL.

I’m not really sure what (or why) you’re asking. Do you mean you want a tutorial on installing Percona or are you asking if you should install percona or mysql? There are also plenty of tutorials on the internet for installing Percona or mysql, have you looked at any of those? There’s also plenty of comparisons of DB systems but I’d suggest it depends on your intended use case for any DB that you’re considering, without any details it would be impossible to give you advice.

Hello antoniospoon welcome to the Forum.

phoenix makes a fair point in that to get the most out of the Forum exchanges, then a bit of background is always going to be needed from you for advice to be of value. Community members like phoenix often enjoy helping out but they need something to go on. :slight_smile: For example, I can offer you this blog post which may be useful but probably only if you are setting up a test environment on Ubuntu. https://www.percona.com/blog/2018/05/14/installing-mysql-8-on-ubuntu-16-04-lts/

I’d encourage you to explore the documentation (either online or download the manuals from percona.com/software for whatever software you are using), and you could also search on percona.com for blog and other content.

In terms of raising “good” questions, then there is a sticky post on each Forum thread suggesting the kind of information that’s needed.