How to validate Xtrabackup is complete or incomplete

Hi Team,

Suppose I have taken mysql backup using xtrabackup tool. Now I want to validate that backup whether its valid or not without restoring in temporary machine.

I have thousand of machine which taking mysql backup daily. Its very hard to validate, if i need to follow restore method.

Is there any way to find backup health with less efforts.


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When a backup is completed, the following message should be printed:
xtrabackup: Transaction log of lsn (26970807) to (137343534) was copied.
160906 10:19:18 completed OK!

You can read more about the backup cycle and status on the official doc: The Backup Cycle - Full Backups

Checking the backup completed ok is strongly suggested, but a good backup practice should also test backup restore from time to time to make sure the backup is valid.



Thanks for your suggestions and quick reply @CTutte


Looking for ‘completed OK!’ will only tell you that xtrabackup completed the process without issue. But that does NOT guarantee the backup is good for restore. The only way to 100% know is to do a test restore. This is just like Schrödinger's cat - Wikipedia but call it ‘Schrödinger’s Backup’ instead. You don’t know the backup is good or bad until you actually try to restore from it.