How to uninstall XtraDB operator using Helm chart? namspace hangs in terminating state

I do the installation using helm in xtradb namespace like this:

helm repo add percona
kubectl create namespace xtradb
helm install xtradb-operator percona/pxc-operator --namespace xtradb
helm install xtradb percona/pxc-db --namespace xtradb --set cluster.enabled=true

XtraDB installation was not successful. Then I want to remove both database and the operator:

helm uninstall xtradb  --namespace xtradb
helm uninstall xtradb-operator --namespace xtradb

Then the namspace xtradb hangs in terminating state and I need to clean the namespace manually.
Is there a better way to uninstall?

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Any ideas how to effectively uninstall an instance of XTraDB the including operator?

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Hi we had same issues, problem is with hanging PVC and PV so these need cleanup first after cluster was removed.

99% Kubernetes hangs on namespace delete is that it waits for finalizers .

Maybe check for stuck finalizers?

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