How to sync XtraDB cluster with other database


I’m looking for a way to create one instance of MYSQL 5.7 and sync the data from my production PXC in this way I can give developers access to this new instance and make
sure data will be returned to production status every day.

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Hello @sa1eh,
Create your standalone 5.7 and configure it as a replica from one of the PXC nodes. It’s that simple. You’ll need to first restore a backup from one of the nodes to the standalone in order to get a starting seed dataset, just like a normal replication setup. Make sure all PXC nodes have log_slave_updates enabled so that writes from any PXC are saved to each node’s binary log.

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Hi @matthewb

Thanks a lot for your quick response.

  • Can you please provide me with docs on how to do replica from one of the nodes?
  • New node is it going to be read/write or read only?

I need new instance to be read/write for dev team to do modification.

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Hi @sa1eh
As @matthewb indicated, your steps would be to take a backup and restore to your non-production instance. since you expect to modify data that will mean replication should not be deployed as eventually you will run into data differences between instances and replication will break.
You will want to take a backup and perform restoration as per our documentation:

You will want to develop code to regularly deploy this backup on a regular basis, perhaps weekly.

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