How to set cursorTimeoutMillis?

I tried to set the cursorTimeoutMillis parameter in the PerconaServerMongoDB object but it seems that the operator is ignoring it. Any other parameter is respected except this.
How can one set this parameter?

Below you can find an excerpt from the YAML file:

mongod:<br> net:<br> port: 27017<br> hostPort: 0<br> security:<br> redactClientLogData: false<br> enableEncryption: true<br> encryptionKeySecret: my-cluster-name-mongodb-encryption-key<br> encryptionCipherMode: AES256-CBC<br> setParameter:<br> cursorTimeoutMillis: 6000000<br> ttlMonitorSleepSecs: 61<br> wiredTigerConcurrentReadTransactions: 128<br> wiredTigerConcurrentWriteTransactions: 128<br> storage:<br> engine: wiredTiger<br> inMemory:<br> engineConfig:<br> inMemorySizeRatio: 0.9<br>
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Hello! Probably, you should use configmaps for customization mongod.

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Hey @nubira . @nikita.savchenko is correct.
In mongod section we do not support all the params.
But you can use configmap to customize mongodb configuration. Please see this doc: Changing MongoDB Options

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