How to Set best performance parameters

Please help me to configure MYSQL server over below details.

  1. 30 tables- 15 InnoDB / 15 MyISAM

  2. 2 important InnoDB tables handles more than 1.5 million records in each table per month. data types are mostly strings and integers.
    these two tables will join with serveral other table to provide more than 40 reports to the management daily not only that all the transactions are done on these two tables daily.

  3. more than 80 users handle transactions daily.

  4. 2008 Windows Server / 8 GB Ram / 40 GB in C and 500 GB in D drive to hadle all images and other billing docs.

How to set InnoDB parameters and MyISAM parameters to suit the best performance and traffic .

There is lots of documentation available. For which parameters are you in doubt?