How to Read MySQL Audit log through PMM

Hi Team,
Is there any way to read mysql enterprise audit log file thorugn PMM2-Server ?


See if this helps you. This is a post on how to get your audit logs into a table, and then you can use the PMM Security Threat tool to create alarms on audit actions. For simply browsing the logs, no, there is nothing like that in PMM.


Just adding to what @matthewb said - while there is no official support for ingesting Audit logs into PMM, there is a side project I’ve been following called clickhouseimporter that will consume audit logs and insert them into ClickHouse. It doesn’t come with a GUI, but it does get you to the point where you can then use SQL to peruse your logs. I hope this helps!


While not all PMM it is close and works very well for me

Enable Audit Plugin
Set Audit scope (to what you want to audit and for how long)
Set audit log format = json
Install Promtail to send to loki instance
Add Loki Service to the PMM as a data source
Design a new Dasbhoard in Grafana to meet what you need

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