How to read audit.log json format file (mainly audit_record details) using python?

Hello, I want to read audit.log file (json format) using python to get the audit_record details but json.load or json.loads is not for for it.
Any suggestions?

Hi Nitika,

I don’t think there should be any issue with parsing the audit log(json format) content using Python.

Just a simple example I am sharing below:

Sample Audit.log File Content:

{"audit_record":{"name":"Query","record":"13149_2021-06-30T15:03:11","timestamp":"2021-06-30T15:07:58 UTC","command_class":"show_databases","connection_id":"2","status":0,"sqltext":"show databases","user":"root[root] @ localhost []","host":"localhost","os_user":"mysql","ip":"","db":"testing"}}

Python Code:

import json

# Open the audit log file in read mode
with open('Audit.log', 'r') as f:
  # Use the json.load() function to parse the contents of the file into a dictionary
  audit_log = json.load(f)

# Access the contents of the dictionary using keys and values
for key1, value1 in audit_log.items():
  print(key1, value1)
  for key2, value2 in value1.items():
    print(key2, value2)


audit_record {'name': 'Query', 'record': '13149_2021-06-30T15:03:11', 'timestamp': '2021-06-30T15:07:58 UTC', 'command_class': 'show_databases', 'connection_id': '2', 'status': 0, 'sqltext': 'show databases', 'user': 'root[root] @ localhost []', 'host': 'localhost', 'os_user': 'mysql', 'ip': '', 'db': 'testing'}
name Query
record 13149_2021-06-30T15:03:11
timestamp 2021-06-30T15:07:58 UTC
command_class show_databases
connection_id 2
status 0
sqltext show databases
user root[root] @ localhost []
host localhost
os_user mysql
db testing
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