How to purge QAN data without docker

Hi I would like to use pmm in AWS to monitor our RDS MySQL service. I did setup a new ec2 server with the linked AMI from your Website. I updated PMM as it was outdated on image you referred. I also did test a bit with capturing metrics and query statistics from our aws mysql rds. But now I want to clear the data and I am struggeling. I found a command to purge the metrics data via pmm-admin purge mysql:metrics but nothing similar for QAN data. I also did google a bit and found that it is common to drop the data with setting retention option. docker run … -e METRICS_RETENTION=192h … percona/pmm-server:latest Thats fine so far, but as I have installed pmm via AWS image from the marketplace docker is missing on my environment. Is there a way to set this METRICS_RETENTION Option without docker. Or do you guys anyway recommend to install docker on ec2?​​​ Regards Fredy

Hi Frederic

You’re right, we don’t have a supported method for deletion of data from Query Analytics. The default retention on this data set is 8 days - so waiting that time will automatically remove the records.

If you’re interested in a deeper exploration of how the purging is done for Query Analytics, I direct you to qan-purge-data which shows how we leverage pt-archiver. We purge against four tables: [LIST=1]
[/LIST] What you can do is change the variable INTERVAL to something less than 8 days and run the script again, or log into MySQL directly and truncate the tables listed above.…purge-qan-data