How to moniter MySQL Server (not Percona server for mysql) using PMM

I have PMM currently running. Can I add a new host which runs MySQL server downloaded from (not Percona for MySQL).

Does PMM monitor only Percona for MySQL or normal MySQL.

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Hello John, absolutely you can. See here [URL=“Percona Monitoring and Management”][/URL] You can monitori MySQL®, MariaDB® and MongoDB® performance as well as Percona Server for MySQL and Percona Server for MongoDB. The very latest release can also be used to monitor PostgreSQL There is an article here about extending PMM…-services-yes/

You might also like to take a look at the demo system here [url]Grafana

Hopefully that’s answered your query, but I’m wondering if your question came out of not being able to set it up somehow? If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to let us know what the issue is and I’ll see if I can find the resources to help you get things running well.


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Thanks Lorraine. This was the answer I was looking for and I have another doubt.

I have set-up Percona Monitoring and Management and added two MySQL Sever connections.

  1. Normal MySQL
  2. Percona Server for MySQL.

For Percona MySQL instance I can see MySQL User and Table all the statistics graph which I could not see in Normal MySQL.

Is this is normal. Do I need to change anything. Are is there any way to get User and Table for Normal MySQL.
Please see attached image what I am getting in browser.
I an getting other graphs fine. Only User and Table statistics is problem.

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Hi John Blaze

Percona Server builds on the work from MySQL Community, so we’ve added extensions, in your example you’re referring to our work on userstat:

In particular it enables our MySQL User Statistics dashboard:

and also some elements of MySQL Table Statistics dashboard:

So to answer your question, you cannot populate these graphs with MySQL Community or MySQL Enterprise, only with Percona Server for MySQL, and for some versions of MariaDB.



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Another way to check is to issue “SHOW PLUGINS” from your mysql client. If you see anything XTRADB such as XTRADB_READ_VIEW/XTRADB_INTERNAL_HASH_TABLES/XTRADB_RSEG then you know it is Percona Server since they add in XTRADB.

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