How to do a full backup of all databases

I apologize in advance if I’m being stupid, but how do I go about getting xtrabackup to do a full back up of all dbs from a remote server? This is the command line that I have been using. But when I try to do a full backup of all dbs, it finishes within seconds and says “innobackupex: completed OK!” everytime. It’s impossible to back up that much data in less than a minute. So this leads me to believe I’m doing something wrong.

innobackupex --defaults-file=/etc/my.cnf --databases=/path/to/databases.txt --host=ipaddr --user=user–password=pass /path/to/bkupdir/ > /path/to/log.log 2>&1

Any help/pointers/guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.

How big is the dataset ? Did you tried to restore the backup to check if it restore successfully to see this will verify if backup is usable or not. Moreover, all your data is InnoDB or using mix of MyISAM & InnoDB ? BTW, there is no need to mention --databases option if you need to backup all databases. I would recommend to read the documentation here for further details on it.