How to delete multiple events in single query using mysql 8.0?

I am using mysql 8.0 and I need to delete multiple events in single query. Please help me for delete multiple events.

You either have to drop them singularly i.e. DROP EVENT xxx as per this manual page

OR you can generate the drop script by using something like this (add a filter to the select if you need to be more specific) :

mysql -Dinformation_schema -BNse "select event_schema, event_name from events" | while read db evnt; do mysql -D $db -Bse "drop event if exists $evnt"; done

Please note that according to this page, you can delete multiple events with a single query, however we believe this to be a documentation error and do not recommend you do it this way. Firstly, it requires high level privileges, which may not be appropriate, and it also looks like you need to be running in debug mode which is not a great idea for production. We don’t recommend you follow that approach.

Hope this helps?