How to create a custom QAN dashboard{Query Analytics}

Hi All,

How can we create custom QAN dashboard? We would like to create a dash board like Top 10 slow queries or top 20 slow queries in the custom dashboard.

Hi @Naresh9999

Please take a look at the next blogpost.

The dashboard is present on our demo site.

Hi @Vadim_Yalovets

Thanks for the quick help.

When I am trying to run the query then I am getting the below error.
Code: 60, e.displayText() = DB::Exception: Table default.undefined doesn’t exist (version (official build))

Could you check a generated SQL request?

Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 12.58.05

Hi @Vadim_Yalovets

Here is the generated sql output.

No table has been specified in your case.
It has to be pmm.metrics



Sorry its my bad, Thanks for the help.

One last information, I am unable to view or copy the full query from the dashboard. Is there a way we can get full query details from the below Slowest Queries dashboard.

Example: we are seeing end of the query with dots like below.

coalesce(msi.regstn_src_cd,msi2.regstn_src_cd) as buyer_regstn_src_cd, m.crm_id as crm_id, …

    sum(num_queries)/($__to-$__from)*1000 QPS,
    sum(m_query_time_sum)/sum(m_query_time_cnt)*1000 as Latency_ms,
    sum(m_rows_examined_sum)/sum(m_rows_sent_sum) as Rows_exam_per_sent
FROM $table
WHERE $timeFilter
GROUP BY fingerprint
ORDER BY Latency_ms desc limit 20


I already tried the above query but still I am getting half/partial queries instead of full queries.
I am actually using mysql slowlog source as perfschema.