How to connect pmm server from different namespace

Hi Team,
I need to connect pmm for Mysql and Mongodb from different namespace.
For Example:
If I deployed pmm and mysql in same namepsace. mysql is connect to PMM-agent and mysql metrics also visible in pmm dashboard.

If I deploy mysql, mongodb and pmm in differenet namespace. pmm-client logs shows both mysql and mongodb:

pmm-client.log (795.8 KB)

Note: I need to use pmm for mysql and mongodb in different namespace. PMM helm chart version: 2.32.0

@matthewb @steve.hoffman Can someone help me

Please read your error message. It clearly indicates a problem with networking, not with PMM. no such host

Well, I’m not sure if it is networking.
monitoring-service is the default Service object that is created along with PMM when it is deployed through a helm chart. And you can reach it within the same namespace.

If you have pmm in another namespace, then your domain name will be monitoring-service.NAMESPACE.svc.cluster.local. This is the one that your pmm-client should be using now.

so however you configure your pmm-client (operator or manually), please make sure that you point it to correct domain name.

@Sergey_Pronin thanks its working…

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