How to add Topology in PMM for MySQL servers

Hi All,

Do anyone know if we can add topology in PMM for MySQL/MariaDB servers, if so can you let me know how it can be done.

Example: If we have Primary-Secondary setup, then I need to see a Pictorial form which server is acting as Primary, which server is acting as Secondary, If Read_Only is enabled or not etc. Somethign similar to what we see in MySQL Enterprise Monitor.

Thanks in Advance.

Hello, @tee952.
Are you searching for an alternative to Grafana that focuses on replication rather than group replication?

We have a Replication dashboard available at Grafana, but it, unfortunately, doesn’t allow viewing of both Primary and Secondary at the same time. In my opinion, the design used in Group Replication is better in this regard.

To get PMM to understand your topology better - for now, you need to specify the cluster label when adding services:

pmm-admin add mysql ... --cluster=Cluster1 DB1

pmm-admin add mysql ... --cluster=Cluster1 DB2

(Doc: pmm-admin - PMM Administration Tool - Percona Monitoring and Management)

PMM will recognize that DB1 and DB2 are part of the same cluster in this scenario.

Hello @Roma_Novikov

I am looking to add topology irrespective of what type of replication setup is done. This will give a high level glance to monitor multiple type of clusters.

When selected a specific cluster, I need to see something like below for that cluster.



Hello @tee952,
You want this: GitHub - openark/orchestrator: MySQL replication topology management and HA
Orchestrator is a GUI tool/visualizer for MySQL replication topology.

Hello @matthewb

I don’t want another tool/utility to manage the setup we already have in place, instead only monitor our servers/clusters from PMM.

Can you confirm if this can be done using the orchestrator mentioned above by incorporating within PMM.

Orchestrator is separate software from PMM. Orchestrator is “read only” by default and will not take any actions unless configured to do so. If you only want a visualization tool of your topology, you can use Orc for this. You don’t have to use any of the management features. You can easily run Orc on the same server as your PMM server, on a different port.

Got it, can you share any steps or documentation related to this.

You can check the Github link I shared. Orc’s documentation is pretty spot on for install/setup. Configure Orc’s web UI to be on some other port like 8181 and run it on same server as PMM. There might be a docker container for Orc already, you’d have to look.

Hi @matthewb

I keep running into below error on Orchestrator server while running discover command, can you let me know if there is something I am missing.

ERROR: this authentication plugin is not supported

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure where you are seeing that. That could be from MySQL in that you are trying to use the new MySQL 8 sha2 authentication and your server doesn’t support it yet. Do you have logs/screenshot?

I am using MariaDB 10.5.21 version

Even more so trying to use the wrong authentication plugin. That’s a pretty old version of MariaDB plus MariaDB doesn’t follow upstream MySQL.