How to add external exporter in pmm-admin using domain name like

I use commands in pmm-admin servers like

pmm-admin add external-serverless --external-name=mysql_somewhere --listen-port=443 --metrics-path=/metrics --scheme=https

after we run this command getting error like this
Connection check failed: Unexpected HTTP status code: 403. Expected: 200.

have you tried adding the --server-url=https://<pmmAdminUser>:<pmmAdminPass>@<pmm-server>:<port>? flag? It appears you’re getting a 403 forbidden trying to register with the PMM server. If that works, it may be a bug that we’re not reading the username/password from the config file for external-serverless exporters…

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pmm-admin add external-serverless --external-name=exporter_name --listen-port=443 --metrics-path=/metrics --scheme=https --server-url=https://admin:admin@my.ip.server:8082
Post “https://my.ip.server:8082/v1/management/External/Add”: http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client
this is our result, sir…it’s also not working any other problem in our configuration side or domain setup side ? any other solutions or suggestions please let me know si.

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