How to add etcd service to prometheus conifg?

I referred to an article on how to enable the Prometheus configuration feature because I wanted to register an etcd service with Prometheus, but it was not effective.

Eventually, I logged into the container and modified /etc/victoriametrics-promscrape.yml.

After restarting the container, the successful registration of the etcd service could be observed at the following URL

http://[pmm ip]/prometheus/targets.

However, at the beginning of this config file, I noticed a comment:

#Managed by pmm-managed. DO NOT EDIT.

I understand that this method might not be the standard way to do it.

  1. If there is any other way to achieve this requirement?

  2. Is this method of registering a service, as opposed to using the pmm-admin tool to push data, considered as the docker server actively pulling data?

Thank you for your generous guidance.

Hi @zard14
The best option is to use External Monitoring External Services - Percona Monitoring and Management feature.

Here is a related response about it’s usage:

Please, let us know is this will work for you.