How to add 2 configuration using "pmm-admin config"

I am using “pmm-admin config” configuration to add a “–client-name test-db” to percona. And its working fine.  Using:-
pmm-admin config --server pmm-server:80 --client-name test-db --force
pmm-admin check-networkpmm-admin add mysql:metrics --user test --password test --host add mysql:queries --user test --password test --host

Now I want to add 2nd with the name “–client-name test-db-NEW” its getting added to the percona, but its picking up the same configuration as of “–client-name test-db”. How can I add different SQL server under “–client-name test-db-NEW”. 

First, this question should have been created under Percona Monitoring and Management category.If I understand correctly there are two mysqld instances on the same host and you want to monitor both instances in PMM.Instance 1:

pmm-admin add mysql:metrics testinstance1 --user test1 --password test1 --host= --port 33061 <br>

Instance 2:

pmm-admin add mysql:metrics testinstance2 --user test2 --password test2 --host= --port 33062 

This assumes you are using PMM version 1.x.


Did the suggestion work?