How many number of connection a pmm user make?

Anyone aware about how many connection does a mysql ‘pmm’ user (‘pmm’ is the user in mysql in client) makes with the server? Is it depended on the load on client?

Hello @Sagar_Kalsaria I believe it is 2. The number of connections from PMM has absolutely nothing to do with the load of MySQL, if that’s what you are asking.


Hi Sagar,

Here is an example of Connection chart from my test installation without any load except PMM monitoring.

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Hi, currently my MySQL client is having 2k connections. And pmm user connection count varies from 4 to 6. So now say that the client is under heavy load, will this pmm user connection count change or it will still vary between 4 to 6?

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Connection lifetime depends on metrics resolutions and can’t be longer than 90% of a resolution value.
So amount of connections will not increase.

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