how does --kill-long-query-type affect slave sql thread


i’m taking backups on a slave server,
And i had a problem when Innobackupex issued the FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK, it was locked because of long running query
as described in

if for example i’ll set -kill-long-queries-timeout = 20, --kill-long-query-type=all
will it also kill INSERT/UPDATE/DDL queries that are run by the slave sql thread?

Thanks for the help

Percona Xtrabackup requires FTWRL to backup innodb .frm files and non-innodb files e.g. MyISAM tables. Do you have tables other than InnoDB ? Regarding your quesiton, yes it will kill all queries If you specify kill-long-query-type=all I would suggest to use kill-long-query-type=SELECT and this kill only long running SELECT queries If any.
Other than that, you may try --lock-wait-timeout parameter which will give up If innobackupex not able to acquire FTWRL after specified threshold of waiting time. Apart from that, If you already know the long running query the better approach to tune the query accordingly to remedy the problem permanently.