How chjeck how long did my query took to complete ?

Dear All,
I have a client for mysql which give me the time it took to query but now is very doubtful. I have 2 machines on the same networking accessing the same database one is showing 360ms and the other is showing 5469ms ? Thus I am very confuse where can I verify which is the exact time ? Thanks.

Where do you get these times in ms ?

It well may be there are some network differences or some time is spent on the client library.

You can see the time in MySQL Server slow query logs if you enable them, unfortunately by default it is 1sec resolution unless you apply our microsecond resolution patches.

Dear Peter,
Let me explain I am using mysqlyog client. The problem is that both the pc’s are on the same network. The best of all the pc with less specification gives a better than a pc which have a higher specification so this is where I am very doubtful ? Is there any other method where I can confirm on this ? Thanks.