How can I change the url in the alert message so it can be correctly open from browser?

PMM version is 2.26.0. When I use the integrating alert to send alerts to slack, I can receive alters like the follwoing:

Alert: WARNING disk space usage excceeds 80 (host ) mountpoint /net/ value= 84.18570895289443
Description: disk space usage exceeds 80 on  mountpoint /net/
VALUE = 84.18570895289443
LABELS: map[agent_id:/agent_id/158f9fa4-7608-4087-9a96-5cd5aaa471fc agent_type:node_exporter alertgroup:PMM Integrated Alerting foo:bar fstype:nfs ia:1 instance:/agent_id/158f9fa4-7608-4087-9a96-5cd5aaa471fc job:node_exporter_agent_id_158f9fa4-7608-4087-9a96-5cd5aaa471fc_hr-5s machine_id:/machine_id/c1783610c11331982… Show more

In the above alert message, the “FIRING:4” is a clickable link, but the link generated by PMM is wrong, e.g:

As the PMM runs in a docker(and we click the link out of this host), and we give the host a domain, e.g., So the correct URL should be:

But I can not find where I could config this, could someone help with this, great thanks.

Another thing is How can I make the alert message contain the corresponding dashboard? Since Grafana does not support template variables so I do not bind the alert with a specific dashboard but use the alert template and alert rules.

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I omitted the http:// from the URL, as this forum only permits putting two links in one post for a new user.

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It seems related to the alertmanager config, I saw the start command at //etc/supervisord.d/alertmanager.ini

; Managed by pmm-managed. DO NOT EDIT.

priority = 8
command =

This file can not be directly modified. Does someone know how to config web.external-url for alertmanager? Thanks

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