High availability is not working in Percona xtra db cluster

Hi all,

Recently we installed 3 node Percona Xtra DB Custer 5.7 on CentOS 7. It was working good for some time but after 10 days , mysql on 1st and 2nd nodes was crashed down due to filling up of “/” partition because of binary logs. And the 3rd node was still up and running but it could not serve read/write for the clients.

After cleaning/making space in the file system, i tried to start the mysql on 1st node as well as 2nd node but it failed to start on both the nodes. Later by going through some of the forums, i realized that the 3rd node which was up and running was not bootstrapped. So i bootstrapped the 3rd node and tried to start the mysql on 1st and 2nd nodes. This time it was successful and all the 3 nodes were in sync.

This arises a lot of questions w.r.t high availability… I have the following questions in my mind:

  1. When the 1st and 2nd nodes were down, why the surviving 3rd node could not serve reads and writes?
  2. Even after making space on the 1st and 2nd nodes, when i tried to start mysql , why it couldn’t start? If bootstrap was the reason then why it didn’t automatically shift to surviving node?

I hope there might be a configuration issues which needs to be changed…

Any help here would be highly appreciated…



Hi there, I’ve asked some questions on your previous post here:


We’ll need you to answer those, either here or there …