Help with simple banking database

I have to create a simple bank database using MySQL, so i have to create tables and relationships between them (normalization).

I have created those tables :

Branch (BranchID, BranchPlace)

Account (AccountID, AccountNumber, AccountType, Balance)

Client (ClientID, ClientName, ClientSurname, ClientCity)

Transaction (TransactionID, TransactionType, Amount)

So i need defining primary keys and foreign keys, can anyone help me with this ?

You will first need to better understand the business case to determine what relationships need to exist, but my basic suggestions would be:

  1. Add ClientID to the ‘Account’ table with the foreign key constraint: Account.ClientID => Client.ClientID
  2. Add AccountID and BranchID to the ‘Transaction’ table with the foreign key constraints: Transaction.AccountID => Account.AccountID, Transaction.BranchID => Branch.BranchID

With those changes you will know the applicable information for each transaction (account number, client, and branch).

Hope that helps!