HandlerSocket for mysqld in cluster

Dear percona team,

My plan is like this:

I’m developing a low latency and high throughput infrastructure, for my GPS based solution.

Currently my solution is using MySql cluster db, utilizing in-memory ndbcluster engine for my tables, because it supports row locking, instead of table locking, which is good for high concurrency.

For my development, inside a cluster, I create an instance of 1 ndb_mgmd node, 2 ndbd data nodes, and 2 mysqld nodes.

Previously I want to use ClusterJ to access my tables through NDB API, but then I wanna try HandlerSocket.

I haven’t try your xtradb cluster server yet, but I downloaded it already, my questions before I start, are:

  1. Can I use your Percona xtradb cluster, to create in-memory ndbcluster tables?
  2. Can I use your built-in HandlerSocket to access my tables through mysqld instance?