Graviton (ARM64) Build Reliability and ETA

My company is using Percona Mysql 8.0 and planning to migrate to AWS Gravitons.
Compiling from sources is not a problem, but we want to know how reliable it is.

  • Are there data points – do you have any customer story running Percona Mysql 8.0 in Graviton in large scale production for months? (not Raspberry Pi or mac)

  • When you said the ARM64 docker build is in testing, do you mean only the packaging part requires more testing, or all the extra features added by Percona require testing?

  • Do you expect to release the ARM64 binary before Q2? We are considering to go back to the original mysql if the ETA is unclear.

I have read these but there was no information about ETA or current reliability:

Hi @dkang0 , welcome to the Percona forums!
We are tracking our Percona Server for MySQL 8.0 deb package build in [PS-8124] Create binary DEB packages of PS for the ARM64 architecture - Percona JIRA
I recommend you follow and vote up that issue. As of yet there is no assigned release candidate nor release date.
If you would like to get started testing out Percona Server for MySQL on arm64 then you may consider deploying our experimental Docker container as per Consider providing ARM64 builds - #9 by Evgeniy_Patlan
I would suggest that we will have PS8 build before end of Q2, as that is still ~4 months away

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