Got [Galera] Handshake failed: tlsv1 alert decrypt error when replacing SSL cert

Hi everyone,

I got issue when i’m trying to replace the old certificate with the new certificate. The certificate that I created are self signed certificates, I’m following this guideline Encrypt PXC traffic - Percona XtraDB Cluster to replace the certs.

The cluster consist of 3 nodes, and the first node already uses the merge certificate and it successfully restarted and running, but whenever I try to replace the certs on the second node somehow it throws [Galera] Handshake failed: tlsv1 alert decrypt error. Do I miss something important?

nvm, I already solved this issue. I solved this issue by creating the new SSL certificate with the same CA key, previously i’ve created the SSL cert with new CA key. My bad. :sweat_smile: