"go to" command in an sql script

hi guys!

i need a mysql sql script that should execute from one point forward so the only solution i can think of is a command that should do something like:


for those who counts why i need here is what i intend:
i want to automate my deploy of structure from the production db so in order to keep track of all modifications made on the developer server i shall put them in an sql file and tag them… the tag should stay in one table from db. when a deploy it’s done, according to the tag existing in production database the script would execute from one point (corresponding to the current tag) to
the end and so the structures would be the same…
this is why i need in the script to GOTO same LABEL.
thanks in advance!!
or maybe someone will provide me with another idea or solution for my need…

there is no GOTO in MySql stored procedures. You could instead:

  • set a flag and test for it
  • return from the procedure if no updates should be made, and add the updates after the returns
  • put the updates in another stored procedure, and call it in your if statements

your hint is very good for me …
Thanks very much!!