Getting the Length of TDE Key in Audit database


I need to get the length of TDE Key stored in FS,. I have been using the plugin keyring_udf , however , It returns NULL

Whats is the best approach ?

Hi @Andre1976 ,
On my side, I’m able to see the length.
Do other functions result in NULL, too?

SELECT keyring_key_type_fetch('MyKey');

Have you tried to create another one for a test?

And what is your current configuration and status?

SELECT * FROM performance_schema.keyring_component_status;

Hello @Yuanlin_Wu

Yes , If I create by function keyring_udf a new key ( keyring_key_generate ) I can get this way SELECT keyring_key_type_fetch(‘MyKey’), however my old key in FS I can’t get the lenght yet

Andre Rodrigues