Getting records from mulitple table with join it takes too much time

i have 5 tables each table contains near about 100 K records i need to get details from all tables with help of join, when i m trying to get single record with help of join and with where condition, then it takes near about 4 minutes. i need help to resolve this problem, because of this problem my application is too slow, if i m going to get 100’s of rows then it will take near about 20 minutes. Please help and thanks in advance

Hello Amit, thank you for your question. It may be that someone from the community can help you with this although the question is very specific to your application and without information about the tables, the query, and the indexes you have on your table(s) it will be impossible to give advice.

If you can provide this (please “sanitize” anything you share so that there is nothing that identifies your company, access to your database, or any personal data) then it’s possible that you’ll get some advice.

Meanwhile, though, you will find a lot of DIY help on our website, and you might find this webinar by my colleague Brad Mickel is a good starting point for you