Gaps in MySQL metrics due to max connections per hour


I’ve configured the MySQL monitoring user as stated in the documentation with MAX_USER_CONNECTIONS 10.

I’m using performance schema service and everything works fine, except that I have “gaps” in the MySQL metrics. Checking the logs I found ... pmm-agent ... Error pinging mysqld: Error 1226: User 'pmm' has exceeded the 'max_connections_per_hour'.

Already increased the value to 50, but still errors (and gaps).

So my resolution would be to set the max_connections_per_hour for this user to ‘0’, but is this advisable (as the documentation states a value of ‘10’)?


Hi, the limit we advise is for max simultaneous connections and it is just a failsafe to prevent connection pileup if there is trouble with the monitored server. Max connections per hour is a different limit, you should probably set it to 0 (unlimited).

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Thanks for the explanation!

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