Fresh installation on Vagrant fails

Hi I did a clean installation on ubuntu64 via vagrant and every time i start it keeps failing. I’m not a pro so I would appreciate some noob friendly guidelines. I followed the guidelines from here
vagrant@precise64:/$ sudo service mysql stop

  • Stopping MySQL (Percona Server) mysqld [ OK ]
    vagrant@precise64:/$ sudo service mysql start
  • Starting MySQL (Percona Server) database server mysqld [fail]

Hi wiredude;

For more information you’ll need to look in your MySQL error log and post those details here. It is probably located in /var/lib/mysql/ unless you changed the location in your configuration file.

That aside, the most likely culprit is AppArmor. So a quick test for that is to see if you are running it, and if so disable it temporarily. Then if MySQL starts, you know you need to update your AppArmor config to accommodate it (or disable AppArmor, but that is up to you since it is meant to “increase security”).


Aside from Scott’s suggestion of disabling Apparmor, you might want to check how much RAM was allocated for the vagrant VM. I’ve had a fair share of these errors when I noticed that the vagrant VM was allocated with a small amount of RAM.