Forgot Ops Manager UI Global user password

Hi Team,

We have received MongoDB Ops Manager UI part of intermediate transition, so we haven’t get global user password which is used during Ops manager installation, now we have a requirement to to Ops Manager version upgrade. To Complete that upgrade we required Ops Manager UI Global user password and here SMTP not enabled.

Is there any alternate way to get password like by changing in back end, please suggest asap.


Hi Srinivas.

MongoDB Ops Manager is MongoDB Inc’s proprietary software. For as long as I’ve known about MongoDB’s support business you wouldn’t have license to use it without also having a support service with them simultaneously. This means the affiliated company you’re taking the DBA services contract (?) for has the right to open a support ticket to ask for this info. Or you can, if you they already added you into the list of contacts with MongoDB Inc. support account.