forcing percona-server 5.6 startup without recovery rollback

I started a delete operation on table “A” in mysql which ran for 12 hours (lots of triggers and cascading deletes) already before I decided to kill this transaction. I waited then for another 12 hours or so for the rollback to complete, but in the end stupidly decided to kill the whole server. The reason was, that other transactions that kill single rows from the table “A” got locking issues and that slowed down my other processes manipulating the data.

Now I am stuck in database recovery (3% after 2 hours), since the rollback of the original delete continues upon mysql server start. This is totally unneeded, since I need to remove the rows anyway later.

Is there a possibility to start mysql fresh without triggering that stupid but massive rollback? I need my server running as soon as possible again.

Any ideas anyone?

I am running percona-server 5.6