Force kill "ALTER TABLE" safely?

I tried to add an index to a 192GB InnoDB table. There is 434GB available space on the server. There was very little going on in the database at the time.

Several hours later it was still going, so I tried to KILL it.

Now it’s in this state:

       Id      User         Host/IP         DB       Time    Cmd    State Query
       --      ----         -------         --       ----    ---    ----- ----------
204997797      root       localhost     web_db      26586 Killed manage k alter table reports add key requisition_ix (requisition_id)

Is there a way to safely kill this?

Alternatively, is there a way to monitor the progress?


Apparently there’s no way to get it killed faster. You just have to wait.
Also there seems to be no way to monitor the progress.
It finally finished.


hi, mwood
you can read this document to monitor the progress of alter table,

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