FIPS enabled version of pxc-db for mysql

Hi Team,

Is there any support for fips enabled images from percona for the base images for pxc-db ? if not, is there a way to enable it ?

Appreciate your suggestions.
I’m planning to use MySQL 8.0.X

I found this image online (perconalab/percona-xtradb-cluster:8.0.23-14.1_fips), but do not see any of such images in official percona docker hub.

Hi @Manjunath_Batakurki

Thank you for your question.
We have recently created packages focusing on FIPS compliancy for Percona Server for MySQL. The similar packages for Percona XtraDB Cluster are planned for the near future.

The package you have found is old, was created as a custom package for one of our customers and is not recommended for general use.

One thing that I would like to mention, though, is that these packages are only available to Percona paying customers, as elements of our “Pro Builds” offer. More details on that offer are available here.

We will provide additional details when PXC with FIPS mode is released.

Group PM at Percona