Finding the node with the most advanced replication index

Hi, when all nodes of my XtraDB cluster are down, how can I find the node with the most advanced replication index? I’ve found SHOW GLOBAL STATUS LIKE 'wsrep_cluster_status'; but this just works when the MySQL server is up. Are there other ways to determine what node has the most advanced index? This is from the docs

Hi there, welcome to the Percona Forum.

I found this blog post that might help you with this: the last of the examples is about finding out the most advanced node in the cluster.

Does this work for you?…a-pxc-cluster/

If not, could you update this post with further information about your scenario (assuming you have a problem now or have had a recent problem), config file(s), environment, versions, error log files if any and so on and I will see if I can get one of the tech team to join in the conversation. Thanks!

Hi Lorraine, that works. Thank you!

Excellent - thanks for letting me know, appreciated. :smiley: