Finally a New Hosting Control Panel that supports Percona Opensource distribution of MySQL and MongoDB

I was working on a MySQL cluster of 20+ nodes some years back and the database was huge. The client was not happy with his ongoing MySQL performance issue and came to me. I managed to migrate to Percona MYSQL on Debian, then with some tweaks, the MySQL server never went down.
I was always looking for a hosting control panel that truly supports Percona Mysql, but there is none.

Well, I decided to build one, It is on

The Eenos hosting control panel Supports Percona Opensource distributions of MySQL and MongoDB as the default database Engines.

Eenos hosting control panel is a total replacement for your traditional hosting control panel with a lot more and better features. Please feel free to let me know your feedback.

PS: I apologize for posting this in the wrong category, kindly move to the suitable page.

Thank you person devs for such a wonderful initiative.

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Thank you for sharing with us.

About the category, we will think about it, maybe create a special subcategory if there will be more posts with how our products are used.

Thank you @daniil.bazhenov. Yes definitely, you should add a category like integrations or 3rdpaty apps.
We plan to include more open-source features from Percona into the control panel and become an Enterprise choice of DB Engines.

I agree with you, it’s a good idea.

I also wanted to say that we have a Community Blog; maybe you can write a technical article about how you have chosen and implemented or are using our products, and maybe you have done some comparisons or benchmarks. Maybe some cases or stories of your users. I noticed you have a blog too, you can do on your blog, we’ll share it or do a cross post on our community blog.

@daniil.bazhenov, Yes I will surely do. I have been working with Linux/Unix servers since 1998 and worked with a lot of database engines like Mysql, Percona, MariaDB, pgsql ., etc. If I look for a MySQL server, I choose Percona. I will do an article and post it, it will take some time. Some long time ago, I happened to work with a founder of Percona too on a big project.

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