Failure to bootstrap node in cluster

Development cluster was out of sync so I tried to bootstrap the original primary. I am receiving the following messages as it fails to start.

[ERROR] [MY-000000] [Galera] failed to open gcomm backend connection: 98: error while trying to listen ‘ssl://’, asio error ‘bind: Address already in use’: 98 (Address already in use)
at gcomm/src/asio_tcp.cpp:listen():936
[ERROR] [MY-000000] [Galera] gcs/src/gcs_core.cpp:gcs_core_open():220: Failed to open backend connection: -98 (Address already in use)
[Note] [MY-000000] [Galera] gcomm: terminating thread
[Note] [MY-000000] [Galera] gcomm: joining thread
[ERROR] [MY-000000] [Galera] gcs/src/gcs.cpp:gcs_open():1758: Failed to open channel ‘iad-cluster’ at ‘gcomm://’: -98 (Address already in use)
[ERROR] [MY-000000] [Galera] gcs connect failed: Address already in use
[ERROR] [MY-000000] [WSREP] Provider/Node (gcomm:// failed to establish connection with cluster (reason: 7)
[ERROR] [MY-010119] [Server] Aborting

Your error messages are quite explanatory. There’s something still bound to port 4567 on every interface. Ensure that PXC is stopped and nothing is holding those ports before you restart.

Also, please understand that the “bootstrap” process is ONLY for starting the very first node of a cluster. If you have other online nodes and an already functioning cluster, you should NOT bootstrap as that will create a DIFFERENT cluster.

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