Failing to connect 2nd node

I’m trying to bring up a xtradb cluster of 2 nodes running on two separate Ubuntu 12.04 servers, I was able to install Percona on the 1st node and get the service to start, however, when I try to start the service for the 2nd node, the service always fails to start.

In the below error.log file for the joiner, I’m going some error’s which I can’t figure out how to solve. I can see that the joiner node (dg-mysql02 does know about the other node in the cluster, dg-mysql01, but it seems like there is an issue when they try to sync.

Any help is appreciated.

Can you paste innobackupex.*.log files from joiner and donor? We might be able to find some clues on what happened here.

What is the value for wsrep_sst_method?

Hi shailan,

Check the value of wsrep_sst_auth on the joiner node and make sure this account exists with the correct permissions on your donor before starting the first joiner. If you are starting a fresh cluster, you may have forgotten to set the wsrep_sst_auth account password.


I’m having the same problem, but don’t (seem to) have any innobackupex.*.log files on either the joiner or donor.


On the joiner, there are db users “sstuser@localhost” and “sstuser@” (which is the provider node). Is this correct?