Failed when calling 'sudo percona-release setup ps80'

Hi All,

I followed the guideline in Use APT repositories - Percona Server for MySQL and tried to install percona in my VM (ubuntu18.04, Linux version 5.10.9). However, I failed when calling ‘sudo percona-release setup ps80’.

The screenshot is shown below.

My VM (also the server) has proxy, and I have added proxy settings in the VM. I tested that ‘ping’ can not work but ‘apt/wget/curl’ can.

I am not sure if installing percona requires some additional proxy setups. Could anyone give me help? :slight_smile:

Hi Istria,

It looks like your proxy is rejecting requests to 80 port but at the same time you mentioned that apt command is working.
Could you provide an output of apt update command?

Hi, thanks for your reply!

The screenshot of ‘sudo apt update’ is shown below. I also find port 80 seems unused.

Moreover, I tested another server without proxy, it works fine. So I feel the problem may come from proxy settings. Could you suggest some ways to fix the problem? Many thanks :slight_smile:

You should check proxy logs. If you wouldn’t be able to fix proxy rules then you may download packages and install them.

curl -O
curl -O
curl -O
apt install ./percona-server-server_8.0.34-26-1.bionic_amd64.deb ./percona-server-common_8.0.34-26-1.bionic_amd64.deb ./percona-server-client_8.0.34-26-1.bionic_amd64.deb

Wow, thanks Vadim, it works!

Thus it seems that ‘percona-release setup ps80’ only fetches some necessary debs for me, and downloading debs manually does not affect the following steps.