Fail when building percona-server 8.0.28 from source

Hi All,

I was trying to build percona-server from source (GitHub - percona/percona-server: Percona Server), following the guideline in Compile Percona Server for MySQL 8.0 from source - Percona Server for MySQL.

I ran the following steps:

$ git clone GitHub - percona/percona-server: Percona Server
$ cd percona-server
$ git checkout release-8.0.28-20
$ git submodule update --init
$ make -j32
$ sudo make install

After the above steps, the process can finish, though with some warnings. However, when I type ‘service mysqld status’, the console shows:

First of all, I am wondering if the steps and cmake parameters are fine (specifically, I disable LDAP due to compilation errors). I am also wondering what I should do next to fix the problems (no mysqld.service) and run MySQL using MyRocks engine properly.

Here are some errors that I think are a bit strange.

I am new in percona and really appreciate if there could be any help, thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hello @Istria,
‘make install’ does not install the systemd unit file. You need to install that yourself. Look inside scripts/ folder.

Why are you compiling source? We offer pre-compiled packages for major OS, and also supply pre-compiled generic linux binaries.

Hi @matthewb!

Thanks for your reply. May I introduce my overall goal here? I would like to replace the RocksDB engine in percona MyRocks with my own modified RocksDB. So I compiled from the source.

Could you suggest me the better way to achieve my goal? And how to test the performance of percona then (e.g., sysbench or linkbench)? :slight_smile:

Since MyRocks is a plugin to MySQL, you should only need to compile the MyRocks plugin and then you can load it into an existing MySQL binary.

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