ExtraDB Cluster Replication with another ExtraDB cluster

Please help me to configure replication between two extraDB cluster

Can you explain more precisely what are you going to achieve? What is the current topology? How are the nodes distributed geographically? Is normal MySQL async replication working somewhere in current setup?


I have setup percona cluster in data center. Now i have setup another percona cluster in another data center. I want to replication between these two data center percona extraDB cluster.

Please help me


As per docs now we have configured extraDB cluster between multiple location.

Thanks and sorry to ask again this question.


Hi @ashokkumar2003, I need to setup the same topology, which is your solution? Tnx!

OK, so this is about two XtraDB Clusters connected via WAN link. You may be interested then in Galera 3 version, which has a lot improved WAN replication features. See some details here:

Good news: Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.6, based on both MySQL 5.6 and Galera 3.1, was recently released as beta:

Awesome! Thanks so much