Events and Triggers Behaviour in Percona XtraDB Cluster

Hi friends,

İ have some problems with events and triggers.

I will migrate from MYSQL to Percona XtraDB Cluster with three nodes and Percona ProxySQL. I have configured test environment.
I have an issue now, How can I deal with MySQL Events inside my database. The problem is that event works together in all nodes.

Could you please tell me how can i deal with them just from one node and if this node fails it should works from another node.

Also how control triggers not to execute together in all nodes???

If you have any recommendation or solution please reply me.


Reply from Krunal Bauskar (Percona Member)

" Trigger:
You can try to restrict creation of trigger on given node by setting wsrep_on=off & create trigger & wsrep_on=on.

Events though replicated on other nodes their state is disabled. If the main node fails then events on other nodes can be activated either manaully or through ProxySQL custom command.

I haven’t personally tried these use-cases so I would suggest you to first try it.

You use-cases sound interesting and if you need more detailed support I am sure Percona Support will be more than happy to help you and try things for you. Do get in touch with them when you get time."