Error messages are being exposed intermittently

Install info
Mariadb 10.5.5
wsrep_provider_version 26.4.5(rb3764ab)
wsrep_thread_count 2

Error messages are being exposed intermittently.

Error messages
WA206 iid=6875765665427374123, Error Pre send fd=3, offset=48454, send_size=-1, error=105
WA211 iid=6875765665427374123, PACKET_DB_SQL END Error send fd=3, length=902

How to fix it?

Thanks for your time. Regards

Hi @views_eos thank you for posting to the Percona forums!
I don’t see error 105 on the list of MariaDB error codes, did you perhaps truncate it, should be 4 digits

Other than the error messages, what impact if any are you observing on your cluster?

Can you try setting log_error_verbosity=3 ?