error in sst xtrabackup


I get some strange message when I want to perform a sst with xtrabackup.
The sst failes.

Have someone a idea for me ?


Have you tried xtrabackup itself only by donner node?

InnoDB: Error number 24 means ‘Too many open files’.

I tried it by donor mode.
But I solved it. I set the sst session to

ulimit -n 1048576


Would you confirm 2 more configuration?

  1. open-files-limit (my.cnf)
    [url]MySQL :: MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual :: 5.1.7 Server Command Options

  2. please confirm my.cnf configuration of wsrep_sst_method (should be xtrabackup-v2)
    [url]Percona XtraDB Cluster

If following is repeatable I don’t have any idea.
[]manual back up on donor node by xtrabackup succeed
]sst fail by ‘Too many open files’ error while backing up
[/LIST] thank you